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Joshua D. Silverman is a professional magazine writer and photographer writing about paintball, guns, hunting, and much more!



If you know Josh, you know he and his wife, Jennifer, enjoy shooting firearms. Both NRA members, Josh & Jennifer can often be found at the local range or hitting the local gun shops browsing for deals! Whether Josh's favorite "wheel guns" he shows off on social media for "Wheelgun Wednesday" or a hunting or modern sporting rifle, pistol caliber carbines or a shotgun, Josh has been shooting since he was a teenager and several years ago he was able to make this passion a living when he was hired as Editor of HuntX3, a short-lived but groundbreaking digital hunting magazine that, in its industry, was years ahead of its time. Josh has also written articles and firearm reviews for various industry outlets including and

A firm believer in the importance of the Second Amendment and an American citizen's constitutional right to keep and bear firearms, Silverman enjoys shooting everything from Smith & Wesson, Ruger and Charter revolvers to 1911, Glock, Ruger, Bersa and Sig Sauer handguns along with various rifles and carbines like his new Ruger PC carbine, Ruger Mini-30, Century Uzi carbine and AR and AK-style sporting rifles. His wife Jennifer loves her Springfield 1911, which she regularly reminds Josh is "more accurate" than his 1911. 

Review: Charter Arms Undercover Lite

As Published on, an outstanding and friendly internet Firearms Community

An affordable, compact, classically-styled revolver in a full-size caliber with enough grip for the whole hand, Charter's snub-nose is more than capable of holding its own in the world of concealed carry and personal protection even as high-tech polymer pistols continue to pop up around it! READ MORE...

Review: Beretta PX4 Storm

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A rugged, accurate and solid double-action pistol available in multiple sizes and calibers from a legendary name in firearms. That isn't an M9. READ MORE...

Beretta PX4 Storm Pistol

Review: Taurus PT845

As Published in the pages of HuntX3 Magazine

An affordable .45 ACP pistol with high capacity and solid performance, this Brazillian bruiser in a legendary caliber is ready for a fight! READ MORE...

Taurus PT845 pistol

Review: Panther AP4 .308 Carbine

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A compact, relatively light-weight rifle shooting a full-size, heavy-hitting 7.62mm round? Sign me up for that! I actually did sign up for that, and was impressed by this DPMS compact 30 caliber carbine! READ MORE...

Panther AP4 .308 carbine

Review: Ruger SR1911

A feature-packed, attractive, hardworking 1911 from one of America's most trusted names in firearms, the Ruger SR1911 puts a well-appointed, trustworthy pistol carved right out of American heritage with an iconic look in a shooter's hands at an impressive price! READ MORE...

Ruger SR1911 .45ACP

Review: Ruger SP101 Revolver

A rugged, reliable and over-built steel .38 Special and/or .357 revolver, the SP101 refuses to be left behind due to its durable, accurate and trustworthy performance! READ MORE...

Ruger SP101 .357 Revolver