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Joshua D. Silverman is a professional magazine writer and photographer writing about paintball, guns, hunting, and much more!

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Welcome to the online home of Joshua D. Silverman! One of the most widely published writers and photographers in the paintball industry with over two decades of experience playing the game, working in various positions throughout the paintball industry and writing and photographing paintball for numerous publications and websites, Silverman has been blessed with a career as a professional writer and photographer continues today! Currently, Silverman works as the Public Relations Coordinator for G.I. Sportz and its many brands including Tippmann, VForce, Empire, JT and Spyder, as a Feature Writer for Paintball.Media, which publishes print and digital magazines covering the game, sport and industry of paintball, and fixes cars at Belvoir Collision Center in Northern Virginia!

Silverman has written about everything from paintball to hunting and firearms, while photographing, interviewing and featuring people, products and events around the world! With a second career in the automotive industry at Belvoir Collision, his opinions and thoughts on the car business and various projects may begin to appear here as well, alongside published photography and reviews, articles and opinions on paintball, firearms and more!

"For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes…"
-Romans 1:16