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Joshua D. Silverman is a professional magazine writer and photographer writing about paintball, guns, hunting, and much more!



In photography, Joshua D. Silverman is enjoying the career he never planned for, and never knew he wanted! When Josh submitted one of his very first articles to a print magazine back in the nineties, the editor responded with a kind letter stating that they'd love to publish his work and pay him - also a concept he hadn't fully considered at the time - the only issue was some illustrating photographs for his article and future work would be needed. With no background in photography and no idea where to start, Josh visited the local camera store, Richmond Camera in Fredericksburg, and put his faith in the hands of those behind the counter. Rather than make money on him and lead him astray, the photographers there took him in, treated him right and helped him select the right equipment and learn how to use it.

Back then it was film. A Canon Rebel to be exact. It may be a digital Canon camera with a 70-200 Canon 2.8 lens now, but his heritage is one of learning and Josh's work has been consistently published in numerous magazines, on retail product packaging, on the side of vehicles like tractor-trailers and on various websites around the internet (clean ones). Silverman continues his photographic career today covering events and shooting action, personality and product pictures for Paintball.Media magazine, as well as various paintball industry companies like G.I. Sportz, Tippmann, Empire, Spyder and JT! 

Josh Photography Atlantic City Josh with Dave Bains of Impact Josh Photography at Paintball Central

Colt Roberts of San Antonio XFactor
Gallery: Josh's Favorite Pictures

Josh Portrait by Ronn Stern
A portrait of Josh by Ronn Stern circa 2002