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About Me

What started with articles published in Action Pursuit Games Magazine and Paintball News in the mid-nineteen nineties has culminated in a full-time writing and photography career including work with multiple print and online magazines in the paintball, firearms hunting industries.

After playing paintball for the first time in the summer of 1993, Silverman has operated paintball fields, managed paintball stores, owned paintball businesses, edited painball magazines, written hundreds of magazine articles and taken tens of thousands of photographs of the game of paintball from his home state of Virginia to locations around the United States and the world. Silverman has also had equipment and firearms reviews published in the pages of HuntX3 Magazine (which he edited), and on, and

Now writing for various outlets in the paintball world including PaintballX3 Magazine where he works as Feature Editor, and other venues, Silverman continues to play paintball around the United States, cover events, review all the latest paintball equipment and interview some of the most influential and remarkable paintball people in the paintball world, in addition to writing for various firearms industry sites. Silverman has also worked as a writer, marketing and advertising consultant for various companies within and outside the paintball industry.

Silverman currently lives in Fredericksburg, Virgina with his wife, Jennifer, dog Yogi and guinea pig Brock Samson. When not at a paintball field playing the game, shooting photographs or covering an event, he can be found at a shooting range enjoying his passion for firearms with friends and family, fishing at places like the Potomac river, Curtis Lake and Abel Lake or enjoying the rich history of Fredericksburg and Northern Virginia. A lifelong student of history, history writer and sometime history teacher, Silverman greatly enjoys US military history and regularly visits US Civil War battlefields.

This site is intended to be a collection of Silverman's years of work, a central location for his latest photographs and firearms and paintball equipment reviews and a tribute to all those who opened the doors that made and continue to make Silverman's career possible.

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